Who we are

We are experience team which provide new opportunists in Salt business. With our partners, distributors will become a large family based on quality of service.
Our vision is improving quality of our life on natural way in every country all over the world.

With respect

Franci Grudnik

Managing Director

Our history

1992 – We set up a company C-ring s.p. With partners companies were programming software for trades, government institutions and other companies.
1998 – In cooperation with partners became strong company for commercial trades in POS systems.
2001 – In year 2001 provided large projects of POS systems for the biggest trade companies in our area.
2005 – We set up a company Grajska vrata d.o.o. with differents areas of activities.
2008 – In year 2008 started a new salt therapy business. Our new vision was to help people to improve theirs health on natural way.
2010 – We became leading company of engineering of salt rooms and selling of halogenerators in territory of ex YU.
2011 – With quality Prizma company took an agreement about exclusive distributing of halogenerators PrizSalt and inhalators in Europe countries.
2012 – 2013 – We establish trustworthy chain of distributors in different EU and other countries. Our references are in 22 countries all over the world. With our international partners construct salt rooms all most in every Country in the world and sell many inhalators medical institutions and customers.
2014 – 2015 – Our partnership are growing. With producer Prizma developed a new high technology halogenerators Prizsalt+ and Multisalt. We design also 3D planning of salt rooms to do realistic look of constructed salt rooms.

Distributors opportunities

  • You can become our distributor for in salt business in any country in Europe. 
    If you are fare, trustworthy partner! And you have team skills in wellness construction, experiences in service of electronic devices than you are on right way to become our distributor.
  • We will help you and educate you in every step of business.We give you our knowledge:
    a. About human body, skin, breathe organs. How to affect salt on human body?
    b. About different diseases and how to improve health with different salt concentration in salt rooms?
    c. Working with the clients to get good response and loyalty of satisfied customers.
    d. All our documents in our centres which can do business easier!
    e. How to build salt rooms, which quality material to use, how to maintains a salt rooms to get long life of them!
    f. Service and maintenance of Prizma products;
    g. Working with Halogenerator PrizSalt, dosing a salt concentration, cleaning of them;
    h. Working with other Prizma products;
  • Send us description about you and your company or call us on phone.

The team of professionals

Managing Director Franci Grudnik Franci Grudnik  Managing Director
Head of Centers Vanda Hartman Vanda Hartman Head of Centers and of Sales
Head of construction of Salt rooms Jani Slemenšek Jani Slemenšek Head of construction of salt rooms
Head of Service Rudolf Stakne Rudi Stakne Head of Service
Company information:
Grajska vrata d.o.o.
Šmiklavž 3a
3342 Gornji Grad
ID: SI48344753
Phone: +38631788884, +38631788881
Skype: francigrud
WP: www.halogenerators-saltrooms-inhalators-for.eu