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Dear Sir/Madam,
PRIZMA was founded as a Private Company in 1990. Its activities include production as well as internal and foreign trade.
Since the foundation, PRIZMA has been representative of OMRON, Japanese manufacturer of healthcare equipment – digital blood pressure monitors, ultrasonic and compressor-nebulisers, electronic nerve stimulators, digital body thermometers, pedometers etc.
Year 1995 saw the foundation of PRIZMA printing facility, most up-to date equipped and offering total design services including the highest quality print work. As of the beginning of year 2002 we have started subli-printing at textile material.
Since 1996, PRIZMA had been selling METERTECH/APEX Bio products (blood glucose monitor system) and as of March 2004 had become their exclusive distributor for this region.
During 1997, PRIZMA has developed its own product, BRONHI Sonic ultrasonic nebuliser, which entered serial production in 1998.
In 2000 PRIZMA launched its further products AC/DC switching power supply and linear regulated adapter as well as PUH2401 ultrasonic humidifier of 24V.
Our production range was upgraded in year 2002 with TV tuner/demodulator as a logical follow up of our OEM philosophy especially devoted to variety kind of modules.
Further and significant development was made in year 2003 when ultrasonic humidifier units of 12V and 48V together with wide range of switch mode AC/DC medical power supplies   available as adapter and open frame – were launched. Ultrasonic humidifiers are applicable with portable ultrasonic nebuliser, personal humidifiers and even for industrial engineering (PUH4801) while AC/DC linear regulated adapter and switch mode AC/DC are ideal solution for power supply of your medical and electronic products. Medical power supply, both AC/DC linear regulated adapter and switch mode AC/DC of almost pocket size dimensions complies to IEC 60601-1 safety requirements and are available in black and white color with plug custom versions available.
So, in year 2004, we have finished development of 3,6 W medical power supply unit and in 2005 medical power supply unit of 25W. Both entered serial production and both comply with IEC 60601-1 safety requirements.
Ultrasonic nebuliser BRONHI Sonic have become obsolete and therefore discontinued in 2007 when was replaced by its successor, more advanced model of ultrasonic nebuliser, model MICRO Sonic. The MICRO Sonic is very compact ultrasonic nebuliser for mains or battery use. Quiet, lightweight and non-robust, the MICRO Sonic has been designed to operate from any mains voltage throughout the world (which makes the unit usable in any part of the world). Also, the unit is supplied with The unit is CE certified having CE 1304 label.
Simultaneously with the launch of MICRO Sonic, we have established QMS according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 verified by the notifying body SIQ, Slovenia during August audit of our premises.
In 2008 PRIZMA has launched a hi-tech professional ultrasonic nebuliser PROFI SONIC which is perfect for use in hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics. This high volume nebuliser with 1-100 minutes timer and large touch screen display makes it unique of its kind.
As of September 2010, PRIZMA has upgraded its quality management system by implementing and maintaining a management system which meets the requirements of the standard ISO 14001:2204. Also, our production range has been upgraded with the latest newcomer – halogenerator PRIZSALT.
Also, PRIZMA is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider focused on supllying complete design, engineering and manufacturing services to medical, consumer electronics and automotive industry at very competitive pricing.

Main activities:
Final assembly and testing
Electronic assembly and testing

design, engineering;
logistics, distribution; quality assurance;
project management

Main markets:
Medical electronics
Industrial electronics
Consumer electronics
Automotive industry