The references are work of our direct construction or our partners in business. Solni tempelj way of salt rooms constructions with halogenerators Prizma are almost in all countries EU and others countries in the world. We have also large references in selling of inhalators all over the world. 

With our products we have references in next countries:


Gallery of salt rooms Solni tempelj, partners and distributors

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Some sample of references from different countries:

  • 3D design of salt rooms Solni tempelj (10/18/2015)- Good planing the salt  room is the most important part to start the salt business. Every our client has possibility to cooperate in step by step of his future salt room. Because of that we are the right choice for...
  • Are you thinking about new business opportunity in your town? Than are salt rooms Solni tempelj with distributors the right answer … (8/9/2015)- The sea close to you in your town in ambient of salt room. This is a great business opportunity for which is Solni tempelj with distributors net the right choice. Our advantages: – 8 years of work in salt business...
  • Salt plaster on walls in your home, salon or office… (4/18/2015)- How will you feel if you lay every day in bedroom looking like salt cave. The feeling will be amazing because salt looks wonderful, it is strong energetic protector and sound isolation. On salt on wall we do any kind of...
  • Grajska vrata d.o.o., -global partner with new partner Adicionavita from Portugal (4/9/2015)- Company Grajska vrata d.o. with trademark Solni tempelj works already 7 years on global market. With large experiences and knowledge we have done great job on selling of halogenerators, providing  of salt therapies and construction of salt rooms. Ours partners...
  • Why is good marketing important and how is doing that SPA Creative in Bulgaria (2/27/2015)- SPA Creative knows that good marketing is very important. Because of that they do a lot good promotion on different fairs and newspapers. Selling team of SPA Creative on fair in Sofia ”Vacation and Spa” from 12-14.02.2015. Bulgarian magazine ”Capital Light” of...
  • Salt rooms Solni tempelj – imagination has no limits (11/15/2014)- If you want to have a beautiful salt room with quality materials in long term partnership is our company with net of quality distributors the right answer.  Another beautiful creation was constructed in Slovenia Kranj – company Salvita. Place where...
  • Romania – Refence near Bucharest (10/3/2014)- Our dear partner Mr. Jozsef Vizer has many quality skills. One of them is beautiful creations of salt rooms with many different approaches and combinations of salt bricks, salt on the walls and wood. Let’s see a nice combination in...
  • Moldavia – reference Salina HaloAerosol (8/28/2014)- Welcome on the sea air area of Chisinau the main city in Moldavia. The right concentration of salt aerosol produce our partners Salt rooms of Salina HaloAerosol with quality halogenerators Prizsalt. The children room is great room to play and breath...
  • Poland – reference Manor House (8/8/2014)- In Poland is a beautiful house – Manor House where the old mystics meet new trends of health benefits. Salt room in Manor House  is something special because it is in wood house outside in village – nature area… If...
  • New partners, new sellers points (7/12/2014)- We are taking care about our distribution to provide the quality service to our clients around of the EU and because of that we are establishing  partnership with new quality partners and opening new sellers points for our quality products....
  • Belgium – reference Saltchamber (6/27/2014)- Our partners in Belgium build wonderful salt room places. If you are coming from Belgium or Nederland and you want to have quality services of salt room construction and reliable – proved halogenerator Prizsalt just contact our partners. Some...
  • Bulgaria- reference Therma Palace (5/30/2014)- In Bulgaria are also beautiful places like heaven on earth. One of them is Therma Palace Salt room   Other amazing place Everything is build from our quality partner from Bulgaria – SPA Creative which is leader in innovative...
  • Ireland – reference Salt Clinic in Cavan and Limerick (5/17/2014)- Welcome to quality partners in Ireland where you can get quality improvements of health provided with halogenerator PrizSalt. and Yours  Solni tempelj  
  • Italy – reference Parma Le Terne di Sale (5/10/2014)- Welcome in Italy and beautiful creations of our quality distributor Olistica. Picture are from Salt room – Le Terne di Sale Parma (PR), Indirizzo: c/o centro Marty Mall Center Via Emilio Lepido, 66 More references you can see on Yours Solni tempelj
  • Turkey- references in Istanbul and some other places (4/25/2014)- Take a look on beautiful references of our partner in Turkey. These are a places for your body and for your soul. If you will visit the Turkey let’s visit also these places. Welcome to Turkey Some of references of...
  • Israel – reference of Haiat Natural medicine center (4/20/2014)- Haiat Natural Medicine center is place when the traditional Chinese medicine and salt therapies with halogenerator Prizsalt do great health improvements together. Beautiful center with experience team which provide the best activities for your health. Welcome. Some photos from center:
  • Portugal – reference of Dimorasept in city Viana do Castelo (4/15/2014)- Quality professional inhalers Profi Sonic are part of Hospital de Santa Luzia in city Viana do Castelo. Our partner is quality medical company  Dimorasept. Group of of Hospitals and Primary Care Centre is Unidade Local de Saúde do Alto Minho Take also...
  • Slovenia – Where the sun meets the sea and quality of Hotels Life Class (4/9/2014)- Welcome to new Salt room in Hotel Life Class in Portorož in Slovenia. Quality offer of Wellness resort is now rich for wonder full salt room made by Solni tempelj. Beautiful star sky, magical light from waves, fishes, shelves and...