Salt therapy is the way of healing respiratory organs and dermal diseases with inhalation and exposure of body to dry aerosol natural rock salt in salt rooms. It is modern version of SPELEOTHERAPY (healing respiratory organs and dermal diseases in salt cave or in salt mines). 

Therapies in salt rooms are entirely natural, clinical proof and have great results of health improvement.

With halogenerator (medical instrument, which in salt room systematically blow dry aerosol of rock salt) in room create atmosphere, which is by concentration salt in air many times stronger from atmosphere in natural salt caves, mines and on sea.

Because of physical and chemical properties has dry salt aerosol soli great influence on mucous membrane of respiratory organs.
Mucous membrane gets stronger and protects body from viruses, bacterium and other stuffs from environment, which threat our immune system. Healthy mucous membrane is the first step to health respiratory organs.
The salt has good properties to break into the skin of body. In this way heal damage skin. With regular therapies get health condition of skin better and get back elastically and freshness.

Salt-room Solni tempelj experience