Supporting our distributors in selling of Prizma products We provide selling of Halogenerators PrizSalt, inhalators Profi Sonic and other quality products through well educated distributors in countries of Europe. All our distributors go through stages of educations. They offer support in installations, service and education of salt products and salt therapy. They provide quality construction of salt rooms.

Selling products of Prizma to all companies interested in long term cooperation All companies which have business in area of wellness or halotherapy and selling to end customers we offer long term relation ship basis on good supply conditions. The same is value for all trade companies witch have web selling or lance of trades in technical area. This possibility we provide through our distributors or direct in countries without distributors.

Selling products of Prizma to end customers In countries without our distributors we give possibilities all end customers to buy Prizma products direct from us. We ensure all education and service support.

Salt room construction With experience team we offer you construction of quality salt rooms. Together with our partners and distributors we construct salt rooms all over the Europe and world.