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What we can do for our immune system? The salt infra cabins series Home Deluxe

What we can do for our immune system? The salt infra cabins series Home Deluxe

We are living in a time where the weather is constantly changing. The daily temperature difference above 20 degrees is not surprising anymore. How amazing strong must be our immune system, that our body can normally function. We are also daily exposed to stressful life, polluted environment, food full of additives. Our is body screaming for detox. If we can give you a little help than are our salt infra cabins series Home Deluxe the right choice for the regeneration of your body and the better immune system.

Our salt infra cabin has all the therapies, which have a strong health benefit on our human system.

Power the salt therapies is the same as a long time living at sea where our knowledge about good sea climate benefits on respiratory system and skin comes to us from the distant past.

Infra therapy is a gift “of sun goods”. Infra waves with temperature effect accelerate the Detox of body, better blood circulation of skin and organs. This makes our immune system and limbs mobility much better.

Did you stay near a strong waterfall and feel the freshness of negative ions. You can multiply this feeling a lot of times because our salt infra cabin offers quality Ionex ionizer with 45 million negative ions per cm3/s. Skin and respiratory system will be grateful for this therapy.

Don’t forget also for chroma therapy, where you can choose which color you want and the wonderfull music to feel you like falling in the meditation zone.

This is a really good investment for a healthy life for all generation.

If you are interested in salt infra cabin for home all business your let’s contacting us or you can read much more about our salt cabins also on our special website

Your team of Solni tempelj

Salt infra cabin world

Salt infra cabin world

Salt infra cabin and Salt cabin for home or business purpose

We are the team which offers you the great opportunity to enlarge your business or home activities with new methods which help to improve the health of your clients or yourself to 100% natural.

We are the trustworthy and reliable company with high-quality devices.

This year we get from the international company Bisnode the certificate gold AAA for one of 4% the top level creditworthiness ranking companies in our country.

That is meaning that we are working hard, to be a reliable partner and to offer you the best quality for you to have better health and to stay fit by everyday challenges.

Infra salt cabin is the right choice and investment in healthy life. Here you can get all the information


Your team of Solni tempelj


Some photos


Salt infra cabin Home Deluxe series

It can be used for your home health center or like additional services offer to your clients in cosmetical saloons, hotels, SPA centers etc…

Salt cabin Business Deluxe series

This series is used for SPA centers or clinics with a lot of daily visitors. The salt cabin is 100% stand-alone unit.

Salt cabin Home Relax series

This cabin is used for classic home natural salt therapy. Also can be used in small SPA or similar centers.



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