Salt rooms Solni tempelj

Salt Rooms Solni Tempelj

SALT ROOMS SOLNI TEMPELJ are made from quality materials and designed from our experiences and based on customers needs. For really business intention we recommend at least 2 salt rooms. One for adults and second for the children. Standards dimensions of salt rooms are from 10m2 to 12m2 and 2,5m high. In private purpose we build smaller salt rooms from 4m to 8m2. We also build salt room from 12m2 to 30m2 or bigger. For salt rooms building we use sea or rock salt. Salt on walls have very good decoration intention and of course bacterial protection. The main part of salt rooms are halogenerators.


Standard dimensions of salt rooms:
Dimension Persons Approx quantity of salt
4-6m2 1-2 900-1300 kg
6-10 m2 2-4 1300-2000 kg
10-14 m2 4-5 2000-2600 kg
14-18 m2 5-6 2600-3200 kg
18-22 m2 6-7 3200-3800 kg
22-26 m2 7-8 3800-4400 kg
26-30 m2 8-10 4400-5000 kg

Halogenerator Prizsalt can also work in salt rooms from 30m2 to 40m2 but effect of salt therapy is not so optimal anymore.

Basic parts of our salt rooms are:
– sea, rock or other kind of salt
– quality wood for construction and walls
– silence ventilators with long life time
– well protected speakers for good sound quality
– LED technologies for every kinds of colors and for spare of energy
– decorative elements from salt, woods or salt articles

All materials for salt rooms construction are proved and certificated.

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