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What we can do for our immune system? The salt infra cabins series Home Deluxe

What we can do for our immune system? The salt infra cabins series Home Deluxe

We are living in a time where the weather is constantly changing. The daily temperature difference above 20 degrees is not surprising anymore. How amazing strong must be our immune system, that our body can normally function. We are also daily exposed to stressful life, polluted environment, food full of additives. Our is body screaming for detox. If we can give you a little help than are our salt infra cabins series Home Deluxe the right choice for the regeneration of your body and the better immune system.

Our salt infra cabin has all the therapies, which have a strong health benefit on our human system.

Power the salt therapies is the same as a long time living at sea where our knowledge about good sea climate benefits on respiratory system and skin comes to us from the distant past.

Infra therapy is a gift “of sun goods”. Infra waves with temperature effect accelerate the Detox of body, better blood circulation of skin and organs. This makes our immune system and limbs mobility much better.

Did you stay near a strong waterfall and feel the freshness of negative ions. You can multiply this feeling a lot of times because our salt infra cabin offers quality Ionex ionizer with 45 million negative ions per cm3/s. Skin and respiratory system will be grateful for this therapy.

Don’t forget also for chroma therapy, where you can choose which color you want and the wonderfull music to feel you like falling in the meditation zone.

This is a really good investment for a healthy life for all generation.

If you are interested in salt infra cabin for home all business your let’s contacting us or you can read much more about our salt cabins also on our special website

Your team of Solni tempelj

Glamp salt house. The new idea for your business

Glamp salt house. The new idea for your business

Together with nature. Glamp salt house in camp Koren Kobarid

We can say, far away from the crazy world. You can feel the life when you are surrounded with great nature, beautiful river Soča and luxury of Glamping camp Koren Kobarid.

Together with company Lushna d.o.o. , the constructor of the massive wood house and knowledge for making the salt cover from an authentic salt of our sea “Piran salt pearl” we made the beautiful Glamp salt house with halogenerator Multisalt for quality salt therapies.

Welcome in nature and efficiency of salt therapies.

Your team from Solni tempelj

“Piran salt pearl”

Quality salt therapies made by professional halogenerator Multisalt

Take a look from outside. Nice Glamp salt house from company Lushna d.o.o. and the sun shining  salt cover Piran salt pearl

Sun loves the salt crystals. Because his the creator of salt crystals.

Why salt rooms in cities at sea?

Why salt rooms in cities at sea?

This question was asked from director of bigger hotel on the sea where we install our halogenerator in reason to change the existing old one which the ex producers don’t service anymore.

We were very surprised with this question because they already have salt room approx. 6-7 years.

Very soon we know why the question was asked. It is not enough that somebody construct the salt room and install halogenerator. But it is very important to give client a reach quality knowledge to work with salt therapies and how to marketing a salt therapies.

Salt rooms at sea are controlled places, without allergens, like heat or flower dust which involve to skin or respiratory system of people, who have problems with that.

Our partner Lifeclass – Terme Portorože, which know that salt therapies with our halogenerator and salt room reduce free radicals and on this way increase antioxidants which are important for activity of body in stressful life.

If you visit a Portorož you are welcome to thermal place Terme Portorož where they take care for you on quality and professionally way.

Your team of Solni tempelj


Salt business with Solni tempelj, while we are reliable partner

Salt business with Solni tempelj, while we are reliable partner

Partners trust us because: we are reliable partner; we help partners with education, planning, 3D design; we sell the most high technology halogenerators in the world for large and small salt rooms or salt cabins; we sell quality medical devices…

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