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Ionizer ionex – Breath a clean air and health will be grateful :-)

Ionizer ionex – Breath a clean air and health will be grateful :-)

Ionizer Ionex

Negative ions are the natural cleaner of air. If there is any kind of smog, smoke, dust, viruses, bacteria or other micron pollutants in the air then negative ions come together with this micron particles and force them to fall down.   On this way is air fresh, clean and it has a good health benefit on the body.

Group of Ionizer Ionex is one of the strongest in own category in the world. Depends on type, they can produce up to 50 million negative ions per cm3/s without any ozone.

They work in pure silence and you can have it where you want like in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, car, sauna …. etc.

If you have any questions or you need additional information then contact us through our contact form.

Your team of Solni tempelj

Halogenerator Multisalt+, new version, new progress

Halogenerator Multisalt+, new version, new progress

Professional Halogenerator Mutltisalt+ is the next generation, more advanced version from previous Multisalt – the device for quality salt therapies.

Solni tempelj work is based on 11 years own practice on the field of salt therapies. Our knowledge is a base for improvements by developing a new version of halogenerators with company Prizma.




The improvements of halogenerator Multisalt+ are:

  • solid, professional construction from brushed chrome
  • the same location of electronic like by Prizsalt for better control and plug in for power supply
  • good amortizes on the back and bottom side, prevent vibration transmission, because of that is the work of device silences
  •  the system with key for automatic power off in case of opening the door in a time of operating of devices
  • bigger and stronger connectors for easier and faster handling or cleaning of the device


Halogenerator is suitable for small or middle size salt room, for salt or infra cabins or for home use in special place intended for salt therapies.

Salt therapies in combination with Multisalt+ are ideal, quality solution for much stronger resistance of your health by problems with respiratory system, skin or immune system.

More information about the device on

Your team of Solni tempelj

Salt infra cabin world

Salt infra cabin world

Salt infra cabin and Salt cabin for home or business purpose

We are the team which offers you the great opportunity to enlarge your business or home activities with new methods which help to improve the health of your clients or yourself to 100% natural.

We are the trustworthy and reliable company with high-quality devices.

This year we get from the international company Bisnode the certificate gold AAA for one of 4% the top level creditworthiness ranking companies in our country.

That is meaning that we are working hard, to be a reliable partner and to offer you the best quality for you to have better health and to stay fit by everyday challenges.

Infra salt cabin is the right choice and investment in healthy life. Here you can get all the information


Your team of Solni tempelj


Some photos


Salt infra cabin Home Deluxe series

It can be used for your home health center or like additional services offer to your clients in cosmetical saloons, hotels, SPA centers etc…

Salt cabin Business Deluxe series

This series is used for SPA centers or clinics with a lot of daily visitors. The salt cabin is 100% stand-alone unit.

Salt cabin Home Relax series

This cabin is used for classic home natural salt therapy. Also can be used in small SPA or similar centers.



AAA Credit worthiness rating – Certificates worth nothing if they are not prove of honest and hard work..

AAA Credit worthiness rating – Certificates worth nothing if they are not prove of honest and hard work..

Being a reliable long term partner is the most important thing when you choose to work with new partner.

Because of that our company works on next principles:

– reliability

– honesty

– long term vision

– good support and services

– high technology, quality construction of salt rooms and reliable products

And then come the certificates which are result of our work

Be our new partner and you will know that you choose the right one.

Managing director

Franci Grudnik

Salt rooms, halogenerators and quality Salt therapy

Salt rooms, halogenerators and quality Salt therapy

The planning of the establishing the salt therapy centre is very important step.

One thing is to construct the salt room and the other very important thing is to buy the quality and reliable certified halogenerator.  But to buy halogenerator is just one step. The most important is to get the right support and knowledge to work with salt therapies, to monitor the clients, to make the right decision by health problems of client.

We give you that support and help you to become the quality salt therapy terapeut. And ours halogenerators Prizsalt+ or Multisalt will be the best technical, modern working solution for you.

Yours team of Solni tempelj

Quality salt room construction

Quality salt room construction

Why to construct the salt room?

Because it is beautiful relax full place full of salt, color effects,  relaxation music. But the most important part, heart of salt room is quality Halogenerator which produces micron respiratory salt particles which have a great influence into respiratory health system and skin.

On this way improve our imune system, help by all respiratory diseases and accelerate lymph flow to improve the condition of skin.

Any way if you decide to construct the salt room chose the right and quality solution.

Yours team of

Solni tempelj



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