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February promotion of Salt rooms Solni tempelj and Profi Sonic

In grand February promotion we give you Professional ultrasonic inhaler Profi Sonic in value 597 EUR for free if you choose to buy our Salt room on “turn key”.

Quality professional inhaler  Profi Soni is great value to your Salt room. You can use it for therapies where clients have a lot loaded mucus on mucosa. With inhalation of physiological water you make mucus soften and the client can easy to throw it out from nose or mouth. In this way you can help to get even better effect by salt therapies.

More information about inhaler in are of Professional Inhalator Profi Sonic

Inhalator Profi Sonic

Action last from 1.2.2015 to 28.2.2015. Other discounts are excluded.

Solni tempelj  with distributors net in Europe  creates one of the largest group of salt rooms builder. Together we build more than 500 salt rooms.

Are advantages are:

– fast and quality construction:

– a lot of knowledge, quality education in support by work;

– fair partnership – with clients we always find the solution of best quality for good price;

more information  of salt room construction you can get on our web site – area Salt room construction, e-mail of phone number +386 31 788 884

Yours team of Solni tempelj

Profi Sonic promocija in Solne sobe Solni tempelj