Halogenerator Homesalt for home salt therapy

Halogenerator HomeSalt for home salt therapy

We announce to you that we can offer you professional salt therapies at home. Halogenerator HomeSalt for home salt therapy is the right choice for your home. Why? It is…

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Salt business with Solni tempelj, while we are reliable partner

When you want to start with salt business is the first step to find a partner who has experiences, respectful references, reliable technology, and good support. Why we are the…


What we can do for our immune system? The salt infra cabins series Home Deluxe

We are living in a time where the weather is constantly changing. The daily temperature difference above 20 degrees is not surprising anymore. How amazing strong must be our immune…


Halogenerator Multisalt+, new version, new progress

Professional Halogenerator Mutltisalt+ is the next generation, more advanced version from previous Multisalt – the device for quality salt therapies. Solni tempelj work is based on 11 years own practice…

Glamp salt house

Glamp salt house. The new idea for your business

Together with nature. Glamp salt house in camp Koren Kobarid We can say, far away from the crazy world. You can feel the life when you are surrounded with great nature, beautiful river Soča…


Salt infra cabin world

Salt infra cabin and Salt cabin for home or business purpose We are the team which offers you the great opportunity to enlarge your business or home activities with new…